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Will soon be made on Facebook like videos like TikTok, bringing new app

Influenced by the popularity of the short video AppTalk, Facebook can launch its own app soon. Facebook has created the NPA (New Experiment App Division) team last week. In this NPE team of Facebook, joining General Manager Jason Toff Jason Toff of Short Video App Vine. He also tweeted the launch of Facebook’s new app. Tik Talk became the second most downloaded app in the world in the second quarter of the Tikkaq 2019, while it was the most downloaded app on Apple’s App Store. In such a situation, nobody should be skeptical about the popularity of the tik-talk.

Who are Jason Toff?

Jason Toff recently joined Facebook and joined Facebook. During the short video app wine, Jason received great popularity during his work. The wine was purchased by Twitter in 2012. Jason has been working in Google Area Area 120 since 2016. Let’s say that Google’s Area 120 is a workshop for new products and there are new experiments.

Jason to get Facebook’s new app’s responsibility

In the last one year, Facebook has closed many applications and there have been many launches of apps. Now the look of Facebook in the same link is on the video content, because Facebook’s video feature is becoming very popular. In this case, the company is in the process of launching a new app. Toff tweeted, “I think this is a good time to share what I am doing. I am launching a new initiative under Facebook’s NPE team in the next two weeks. ”


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